View Club National Convention - Tamworth 2017

The Coreys Catering Team were very proud to be apart of the View Convention 2017 in Tamworth mid September.

It was a huge week with 2 buffet lunches and a table service Gala dinner for over 500 people at TRECC.

Our team did an amazing job catering for such a big group over several days however it was made so much easier because all the ladies were so lovely it was a pleasure serving them.

Gala Dinner

Dear Natasha and Corey, 

On behalf of VIEW Clubs of Australia, I take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to you for the wonderful service you rendered in connection with out National Convention held in Tamworth 15 - 17 September 2017 at TRECC.

From the planning stages of this event for more than 500 women from all over Australia, to the actual event, you made communication effortless and seamless.

The quality of the food provided for buffet lunches on both plenary days of Convention was first class and you were extremely flexible when we were faced with minor timing issues.

The Gala Dinner was incredible, with your team facilitating a very swift and silent turn-around from casual seating for lunch to the spectacle of Gala. Once again the quality of food and the service rendered by a fabulous courteous team was first class.

Many of our members commented that it was nice to see so many professional young people employed to assist the waiting staff.

Hearty congratulations to you on running a wonderful business. We wish you continued success and have pleasure in furnishing this testimonial.
I am more than happy to be contacted, (02 9085 7189) if anybody wishes further clarification.

Yours sincerely, 

Maryanne Maher
National Manager –VIEW
The Smith Family